Sierras de Carapé Project


This project is an opportunity for sustainable development, giving rise to new forms of restorative economy, and an ideal context to promote rural communities, neo-ruralization and ecosystem conservation.

The area called Sierras de Carapé, which includes the departments of Rocha and Maldonado, harbors an important amount of values for national biodiversity, large-scale ecosystem integrity, as well as landscape continuity and biological corridors.

The preservation of these environments is key to fostering sustainable development in the area, promoting regional socio-cultural heritage and local restorative economies. 

This is one of our main areas of work. We have been working here for the past eight years, developing ecosystem conservation projects, monitoring birds and mammals, reintroducing yerba mate and promoting a regenerative culture where local communities promote restorative economies.

This territory has the singularity of being framed in the basin of the Rocha Lagoon, a protected area of our country, and includes in its area particularly outstanding sites, such as Cerro Catedral (the highest point of Uruguay) and the Salamanca Caves.


The natural route 109, which joins the city of Aiguá (Maldonado) and the city of Rocha, follows a journey of unparalleled mountain scenery, where biodiversity stands out for its need for protection and its potential for visitation. 

Here we placed our Regeneration Center, in the Cerro Negro Reserve.

Where we develop two alternatives of nature tourism to promote the contact of people with the ecosystems: the Sendero de las Nubes and the Urubú Viewpoint, the first free tour in the Sierras de Rocha, offers a self-guided trail that allows you to rejoice with a unique panoramic view of the mountains.